Humans develop through feedback. 

So why should your business be any different?


At Warner Insights

We are experts in identifying consumers’ needs by blending traditional research with social science data methodologies. 


Our Process

While many of our clients pick and choose their services, each is designed to provide powerful insights which will keep you one step ahead of your consumers. A typical project cycle is typically broken down into four main segments. 


Identify business needs. 


Methodology and logistics design.


Data collection, cleaning and transcription. 


Analysis and reporting. 


“The best research can get people to recognize what they don't recognize about themselves.”

DAVID WARNER  |  Founder


Services and Solutions

We are a full-service qualitative market insights agency based out of New York City. Our work has taken us to Europe, Asia, Canada, and all across the United States. Whether you are looking to build on your current knowledge of, or are simply interested in ‘getting to know’ your consumers, our services can be tailored to fit any business needs. 

Methodology design


Individual and Focus Group Moderation

Employee Interviews

Field Management

Survey Pretest

User experience

Special Topic Research

Analysis and Report Writing


While services can be applied to any industry, some of our notable work has included Luxury Retail, CPG, Medical Environments, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Hospitality, Non-Profit and LGBQT. 


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